Bloodborne / The HUNTER, Tapestry

Bloodborne / The HUNTER, Tapestry

Selling Price: US$39.99

We are pleased to announce a brand new collectible fine art tapestry from the mega hit action RPG Bloodborne, featuring the Hunter in the cursed city of Yharnam.

The splendid artwork is perfectly recreated on the highest quality fabric available. The material is thick double-suede polyester, which captures the color brilliantly. No doubt it will be a perfect addition to the living spaces of Bloodborne collectors.



●Price: US$39.99

●Tapestry/ Wall Scroll


   Fabric: Double Suede Polyester

   Rod: PVC

   String: Nylon

●Size: B2 (728 mm x 515 mm)

●Release: July 2016

Ⓒ 2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


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