ANUBIS Non-scale Resin Model Kit

ANUBIS Non-scale Resin Model Kit

Selling Price: US$290.00

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R-one Studio is known as an artist digitally sculpting his original characters from creatures to mechanical robots. The designer is based in Taiwan; meanwhile, he actively attends various art convention worldwide. Now, the god armed with steel "ANUBIS" model kit is specially distributed through Gecco Direct.    


●Price: US$290.00
●Painting is required.

●Assembly is required.
●Material: Polyurethane resin.
●Size: 46 cm tall

●Component: 39 parts
●Delivery: June~July 2018

●Sculpt: R1 Chung

●Designer: Hui Zou

ⒸR-one Studio


* Please note, this product is a model kit which arrives unpainted and unassembled. Also called a “Garage Kit” some painting and building skills are required to assemble.

*Please use putty to fix air bubbles, gaps, cracks, chips and so on.

*This product will be delivered in June ~ July 2018. Due to production reason, it may take longer than the original schedule.

*This product will be manufactured by R-one Studio. In case that the original supplier can not prepare enough quantity, we will not be able to supply this kit, either.

*The shipping cost will vary depending on the shipping address.

*The shipping cost will be informed later.

*Your country or local government may impose taxes or some fees on the product. Please consider any extra charge you may have to pay in your country before placing an order at our store, also please understand that we have to declare it as "Merchandise" and cannot lower the value on the document.

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