SILENT HILL x Dead by Daylight, The Executioner 1/6 Scale Premium Statue

SILENT HILL x Dead by Daylight, The Executioner 1/6 Scale Premium Statue

Selling Price: US$359.99


The characters from the asymmetrical multiplayer (One Killer vs Four Survivors) horror game "Dead by Daylight" are recreated as 1/6 scale premium statues, and The Executioner, who is the Killer of the "SILENT HILL" chapter, now joins the series.  

This character's symbolic pyramid shape head is finely sculpted to recreate the eroded and rusted heavy steel finish.
The graphic paint and sculpt capture the pain of the deeply hollowed and unhealed wounds on both arms.
The sculpt of the Great Knife, clearly responsible for countless executions, captures the weight and brutality of the weapon.
The platform is made in the image of the SILENT HILL chapter's stage, "Midwich Elementary School," and the effect of "Trail," detailed with barbed wire and rusted steel frames.  
The statue creates a tense and haunting atmosphere when the Killer corners the Survivor dragging the Great Knife.

●Price: US$359.99
●Prepainted statue

●Material: Polystone/Polyurethane 
●Size:  1/6 scale (350 mm high)
●Release: September ~ November 2022

●Sculpt: Shinya Yamaoka

●Paint: Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)


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