SILENT HILL T-shirt/ Robbie in the Box (Color: White)

SILENT HILL T-shirt/ Robbie in the Box (Color: White)

Selling Price: US$45.00

The package box of the Robbie the Rabbit 1/6 Scale Statue is recreated as a stand alone image on the front of the T-shirt. The illustration drawn by Usagi Tanaka on the back of the box presents an even spookier presence.
Available in 2 colors: White and Black. The T-shirt fabric is made of heavy weight cotton, a thick, durable and long lasting material. The printing process is expertly done in Japan to faithfully recreate the design.


●Price: US$45.00 each

●Material: Heavy Weight Cotton

●Color: White

●Size: S, M, X, XL (Japan Size)

●Release: July~August 2022

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  • Size (Length/Chest/Shoulder/Sleeve)

    S (66cm/49cm/44cm/19cm)
    XL (78cm/58cm/53cm/24cm)

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