SILENT HILL 3/ The Order T-Shirt SDCC 2022 Exclusive

SILENT HILL 3/ The Order T-Shirt SDCC 2022 Exclusive

Selling Price: US$45.00


“The Order” is a religious group made up of several factions and featured in Silent Hill. The group has transformed over time, changing its doctrine and structure regularly. 
This T-shirt is designed as if "a member of the Order personally created it to show his/her own faith."
The symbol of the Order is featured on the front, stamped on in roughly painted basic colors by a paint roller with the word "PRAISE" inscribed in the lower section.
The sentences on the back are messages from the aisles leading to the chapel in "Silent Hill 3," which praise God to seek salvation.
This T-shirt is a San Diego Comicon 2022 exclusive. 



●Price: US$45.00 each

●Material: Heavy Weight Cotton

●Color: Black

●Size: S, M, X, XL (Japan Size)

●Release: July 20th, 2022

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  • Size (Length/Chest/Shoulder/Sleeve)

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