Bloodborne / Hunter's Arsenal: Hunter Axe 1/6 Scale Weapon

Bloodborne / Hunter's Arsenal: Hunter Axe 1/6 Scale Weapon

Selling Price: US$48.00

“Hunter’s Arsenal” is 1/6 scale weapons collection wielded by the player character, HUNTER, in the mega hit action RPG for PlayStation®4, “Bloodborne,” enthusing game freaks around the world.


The Hunter Axe is one of the starter trick weapons, and commonly used by many players. It’s a blade weapon but also blunt instrument, which can blow wide range with the extended condition. The dull metallic surface heavily used in fierce battles and the rag wrapped on the grip enhances the beautiful roughness.  Supervised by the design team of FromSoftware thoroughly, this savage weapon is sculpted. The extended version can be recreated, also.


It can be attached to HUNTER 1/6 scale statue.


●Price: US$48.00
●Size:1/6 scale (23 cm/Normal 37 cm/Extende)

●Release:February 2017

●Sculpt:Shinya Akao / HEADLONG

Paint: Katsushige Akeyama / -accent-

ⓒSony Interactive Entertainment Inc.



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Other Images

  • Normal condition
  • Extended condition
  • Displaying weapons on the optional accessory, “Collection Board”

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