Alien Pilot 1/6 Scale Resin Model Kit ~Sculpted by Erick Sosa~

Alien Pilot 1/6 Scale Resin Model Kit ~Sculpted by Erick Sosa~

Selling Price: US$189.99


In July 1947, a flying object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in US. Though the US military announced that it was a "flying disc," the statement was soon corrected as just a weather balloon. This is so-called "Roswell Incident," which has been full of mystery and spurring a lot of speculations even till today. Aliens were on board the spacecraft....? Erick Sosa now makes his own hypothesis through his “Alien Pilot” sculpt.


●Price: US$189.99
●Painting is required.

●Assembly is required.
●Material: Polyurethane resin (White color)
●Size: 25 cm tall including base

●Component: 19 parts

●Original Design & sculpt: Erick Sosa


*Please note the package box has some scratch as a part of design. 

*Please note this product is a model kit which arrives unpainted and unassembled. Also called a “Garage Kit” some painting and building skills are required to assemble.


【Erick Sosa】

Erick shows a great talent at wide range of sculpting from comic-heroes or creatures to real humans. He produces a lot of prototypes for several figure makers and also creates his original characters making full use of both traditional and digital sculpt. Many fans are fascinated with his works capturing powerful muscles and anatomy in a dynamic design.


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