METAL GEAR SOLID, Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Resin Model Kit

METAL GEAR SOLID, Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Resin Model Kit

Selling Price: US$209.99

Limited in quantity to 40 pieces


Cast from the master sculpture and silicon mold used to create the original sculpture of "Cyborg Ninja 1/6 scale prepainted PVC statue," we are excited to offer for a limited time this highly detailed model kit version. The details captured in this garage kit are truly a sight to behold!


Please note, this product is a model kit which arrives unpainted and unassembled. Also called a “Garage Kit” some painting and building skills are required to assemble.


●Price: US$209.99
●Painting is required.
●Assembly is required
●Material: Polyurethane resin.
●Size: 1/6 scale (30 cm tall)
●Release: September 2019
●Sculpt: Yuta Fuke

ⒸKonami Digital Entertainment


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Other Images

  • The marking on the arm-mounted cannon was engraved for the pre-painted PVC statue. For this kit, the marking is recreated using a decal.

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